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Jawahir Middle Eastern Dance Club
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The Jawahir Goddesses.....

Jawahir Middle Eastern Dancers are a group of like-minded women who love to dance together. Primarily a performance group, we design our own costumes and choreographies and source our own music. Very much a family in all senses of the word, over the years we have had two sets of mothers and daughters and one set of sisters in our group. The troupe''s ages range from teenage to mid fifties, and our youngest soloist, who also choreographs her own dances, is just 14.


The only rules of the troupe are that everyone must be prepared to learn the dances, give constructive feedback and support to each other....and have a sense of humour!!!!!!!!  You must also be over 16.

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Jo is the groups leader and she also teaches at beginners classes.


Debbie is the groups Treasurer, helped by Pam.  They also teach beginners classes and workshops.

Debbie and Terri

Debbie and Terri run beginners class.

Some of our Supporters
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The Calling


This lovely poem was written by Elin, one of our dancers who left the group in May 2008 as she has moved away from the area. 
The call of the Darbouka
with its steady, drumming beat
demands to overtake me
From my fingertips to feet.
The beat is mesmerising,
the rhythm is a trance.
No-one ever warned me
of the power of this dance
The drummer keeps on calling
his pulse runs through my heart
and I feel the physicality
of this soulful, tribal art.
We dancers move together,
we swirl and sway as one
our bodies each responding
to the same, commanding drum.
We dance not for those watching,
despite their spellbound stare.
We dance in celebration
of the sisterhood we share
Our feet are free for feeling
the tempo of this earth.
This dance is liberating
no matter what your girth.
So lose your inhibitions,
don’t hold those bellies in,
just listen to that drumbeat
and let your bodies sing.
(c)  2005

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